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  • Our MIT-inspired curriculum challenges your child to develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills


  • We pride ourselves in providing the Coding Studio Difference to all of our students, with our award-winning curriculumand high quality teaching, with a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning and the application of key mathematical concepts


  • We believe that every child should learn to code.There are many things that children will love about coding; creating their own game, app, making their own animated stories and the many other endless possibilities by harnessing today’s rapidly evolving technologies


  • At Coding Studio, it is our mission to extend these benefits to every child we meet.Teaching them the joy of breaking down computing puzzles one step at a time, or seeing their faces light up as they test out their newly created game is what we delight in doing


  • The idea of coding may seem daunting at first, but with the right guidance and practice, any child can learn to code


  • We hope to infuse our students with enthusiasmas they discover this complex but increasingly valuable language, leading them to discover the wonders of creating their own app, writing their own code, and sparking their creativity as they design their own creations


  • Through coding, our students learn the process of logical thinking, build self-confidence, and begin to understand critical reasoning. We want every child to experience the benefits of coding not only at the computer, but also to apply what they have learntat school and at the workplace


  • Learn to code with us today!Find out more about our coding programmes here





Strengthen your Child’s Logical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills with Coding


Best Coding Curriculum as voted by parents (Parents World 2016/17)


MIT Inspired Curriculum

Our curriculum is led and designed by a MIT Graduate and a global team of technology advisors. We keep our lessons exciting and relevant, with cutting-edge themes and discoveries covered as part of the lessons.

High-Quality Teaching

Our tutors have not only the technical expertise but also importantly the passion in working with children. Our cosy class sizes with a small teacher-child ratio (Max 1:8) encourage close interaction between the students and the instructor and allow for individualized attention to maximise each child’s learning experience.

Tech-Immersive Environment

Imagine boardroom-style professionalism in a rustic and start-up “Garage” environment; we enhance the quality of learning by providing a geek-jam hangout where kids can tinker with the latest tech toys to further their learning independently.