What Parents Say

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"I am glad that I have found a relevant math learning system for my daughter.

She is certainly more independent and motivated in her math learning journey after just one term of enrolment. That's a load off my shoulders!"

Judith, mother of Kathy, Grade 5 April 24, 2015

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"My son looks forward to S.A.M every week. He finds the activities and word problems in the worksheets very attractive and engaging. With S.A.M coaching, he became more focused, organized and disciplined in his learning within a short period of time.

He loves to work with his S.A.M Trainers and is very motivated by their patience and encouragement. The S.A.M approach has given my son not only a strong foundation to excel in Mathematics but also inspiration and love for mathematics."

Lillian R, Teacher, mother of Jack, 6 yrs old April 24, 2015

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"As a parent who is not too fond of the rote learning method, the S.A.M Approach to Mathematics , with its emphasis on a holistic and conceptual understanding, bodes well for me. I have seen the vast improvement in my 4 year old son in his mathematical abilities ever since he started S.A.M.

Coupled with the fun learning methods and highly illustrated work sheets, John is always eager for his next lesson. S.A.M has certainly made mathematics FUN for my son. Thanks S.A.M !"

Jennifer S, Marketing Manager, mother of John, 4 April 24, 2015

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"I like the fact that the S.A.M program is catered for preparation of the Singapore Mathematics syllabus. Also, as the progression is based on individual ability, it has allowed my 6 year old to progress to Grade 3 Level mathematics in a fun and interesting way. He now comprehends the words and phraseology in word problems easily.

The problems are also set in a myriad of ways, so he is taught to be flexible in finding the solutions. For my younger child, the colours and pictures were exciting and was critical in encouraging her to pick up the homework habit happily. I am hope that she will soon follow in her brother's footsteps."

Joey W, In-House Counsel, Mother of Hamish 6, and Mabelline, 4 April 23, 2015

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"S.A.M has definitely enhanced my Grade 2 son's understanding of mathematics and, as a consequence, helped him to do well in school. His teacher is impressed that he grasps concepts like fractions and multiplications so quickly.

I believe S.A.M is instrumental in helping him excel in the subject. Also, he is enthusiastic about going for his sessions at S.A.M as he knows it will be fun and useful."

Angeline T, mother of Aaron, 8 April 24, 2015

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"Perhaps one of the most common questions that parents here ask if Singapore Maths is relevant in the Australian context. I believe that the short answer is yes as mathematics is such a universal skill. Personally, I have genuinely seen vast improvement in my son's thinking and problem solving ability since him enrolling in SAM last year. In his recent EduTest Scholarships & Entrance Exams, he scored the highest score that put him in the top 11% of his cohort for Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Mathematics.  I was very happy that he won himself scholarships awards for entrance into Year 5 of a number of prestigious private schools in Melbourne."

Sarah C, mother of Byran who is in Year 4


March 12, 2016

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"My daughter used to merely memorize maths. Now, she comprehends and understands concepts and fundamentals so much more, thanks to S.A.M. The program truly transcends beyond just rote learning, and every skill she learns is relevant to Singapore's school syllabus."

Regina L, Business Owner, mother of Kayla, 6 April 23, 2015

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"My two ones aged 7 and 5 started the S.A.M program about 6 months ago. They have never been enrolled into previous mathematics enrichment classes and were resistent in the beginning. But now, they are enjoying their lessons and are encouraged to do their best in every topic they were assigned.

They are learners of differing strengths and instead of pushing the children to fit the speed of the program's expected progress, the centre paces both of them appropriately to achieve their optimal performance."

Serene C, mother of David, 5 and Alex, 7 April 24, 2015

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"Before my son joined S.A.M, he had totally no knowledge about mathematics and no interest in counting. After less than a month of S.A.M, my son could perform addition independently, and he is now learning subtraction.

He has also built a lot of confidence in mathematics. He enjoys every lesson in S.A.M, as the teachers are very friendly, patient and passionate in their teaching. S.A.M's Achievers Program is also part of the attraction to motivate my son to work harder.

I have no regret sending my son to S.A.M, and I thank S.A.M for helping my son to build such confidence in Mathematics."

Chloe S, mother of Jonathan, aged 6 April 24, 2015

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"Before joining S.A.M my daughter was finding it a task when she has to do Maths homework and she was finding it challenging to solve the complicated maths questions .
Since she has joined S.A.M I can see she has become more confident in approaching the maths questions and she has been looking forward to the class every Saturday .

The teachers at S.A.M have also been very supportive and encouraging in her learning journey too!
In her last exams my daughter has a more positive attitude towards approaching her maths and managed to score very well for her exam.

As we have 2 daughters. We appreciate that S.A.M is able to cater for their individual needs and both of them can be in the same class but on a different learning journey. My younger daughter who is aged 5. I can see she has taken a great interest in numbers since she has joined S.A.M and she seems to be having fun through the learning too!"

Jasmine P, Parent of Helena and Emma April 24, 2015

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"My son really enjoys his classes at S.A.M and has already progressed very much ahead of his peers. He enjoys working with the teacher and looks forward to class every week. He loves doing his worksheets. Recently in his ICAS Math test, he scored a High Distinction which puts him in the top 1% amongst the Australian student. I am sure S.A.M has given him all the necessary problem solving tools for him to do so well. Thank you S.A.M! "

Tania C April 24, 2015

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"We wanted to let you know that Gabriel had a Maths diagnostic test at his school's student care. It was an unannounced test but he scored full marks. In the Grade 1 cohort of 135 students in student care, there were only less than 10% who scored full marks. Though this is only his student care test and does not lead to any academic grade, we are proud of his achievement. We are sure S.A.M has given him a good Maths foundation and given him a good start in this subject. Thank you."

Shannon D, mother of Gabriel. April 24, 2015