Your child will be guided through their programme at a pace that suits their learning needs. Key areas are revised and developed in gradual steps, embedding and growing your child’s understanding to ensure confidence and success.

Seriously Addictive English (S.A.E) programme teaches, consolidates and combines skills through its unique spiral structure. It is designed for students from age 4-12 years old focusing on the following competencies:

  • Phonics
  • Fine Motor Skill Development
  • Handwriting
  • Reading Skills & Comprehension
  • Spelling & Extending Vocabulary
  • Grammar & Punctuation
  • Structuring Texts
  • Writing Skills
  • Planning & Independent Writing

From developing phonic knowledge, motor skills and handwriting to reading, comprehension and writing skills, our programme develops key skills with materials that are ideal for all learners.

Students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their schoolwork and beyond.

Please contact us if you have any other questions about our English programme.