Pedagogy – Prep to Yr 10


Problem-solving at the heart of Singapore Maths

S.A.M is known for its simple and effective award-winning curriculum, which is based on the world renowned Singaporean Method. More than one thousand schools in the United States currently use this unique pedagogy and have integrated it within their curriculum. Singapore Maths is focused on teaching an in-depth understanding and application of mathematics in the real world – it is centered around making maths meaningful to children.

Unique features that define Singapore Maths and S.A.M

Singapore Maths is centered around studying the composition of numbers using number bonds. Number bonds are pictorial representations of how numbers can be broken down and restructured in many different ways, thus developing the child’s fluency in number sense and mental computation. As a result, number bonds help children in building the foundation to master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The Bar Model Method^ is a unique characteristic of Singapore Maths. Bar modelling is used as a visual approach to solving maths problems, allowing children to understand, interpret and conceptualise word problems. The Bar Model Method translates the words in a problem into a visual representation, facilitating the work involved when solving for the solution.

S.A.M’s classroom structure is based on 3 main segments

At the beginning of each lesson, the certified trainer engages the child, anchoring their attention and capturing their interest in the topic of the day.
As part of the lesson, and with the guidance of the certified trainer, the child begins applying his/her new found knowledge to the ‘worksheets of the week’. Once at home, the child completes the remainder of the designated worksheets, thus allowing your child to independently practice and apply what he/she has learned.

Our core competencies

S.A.M’s philosophy of learning is one that involves having the right skills for problem-solving and the ability to transfer those skills to everyday life. Singapore’s approach to teaching the foundations of maths makes learning math more meaningful and relatable.

At S.A.M, every child is taught these significant skills:

  • Critical Thinking – the ability to identify and evaluate information
  • Logical Reasoning – the ability to assess possible outcomes based on the information given
  • Heuristics – applying different suitable methods when problem-solving^
  • Metacognition – awareness of thinking processes and the ability to act on that awareness
  • Word Problems – interpreting mathematics in real world applications through problem-solving
  • Modelling Techniques^ – the use of manipulates or pictorial representations to visualize a problem as part of the solution process
  • Cultivating the right attitudes

^ In line with TIMSS and the  National Council of Teachers Mathematics (NCTM)

With the right attitude, we believe that every child can be successful in mathematics. At S.A.M, we strongly emphasise independent thinking and self-discovery.

We feel that confidence and sense of achievement are important elements in your child’s personal development, and our certified trainers dedicate themselves to promoting these qualities. In conjunction with our holistic approach to mathematics, our worksheet model further instills diligence and discipline in your child.

At S.A.M, our intention is for your child to cultivate these attitudes and to transfer them to other areas of life. Although we use math as the vehicle to solve the problems in our program, our ultimate goal is to use problem solving as the vehicle to develop and improve your child’s skills in everyday life.