Guidelines for Parents

Parents of S.A.M students are expected to adhere to the following guidelines and supervision requirements. These guidelines are designed to promote and ensure a positive and safe experience for everyone and to keep students interested in learning.


Classroom entry

All S.A.M students will be required to enter their respective designated classroom.

Parents may not enter the classrooom at anytime.


It is important that parents ensure their children are ready to start their class at the scheduled time with their required books, worksheets and stationery. When students arrive late, it causes a disruption to the class and students may miss important lesson instructions.

Pick up / drop off

Parents should ensure that children are dropped off/picked up punctually – S.A.M staff ONLY oversee students whilst they are in their class.


Parent etiquette during class time

Please do not sit or stand outside any of the classrooms as this should be kept clear for trainers and students. Parents should not attempt to communicate (verbally or non-verbally) with their child during a class – this causes distractions.

Parents may be asked to leave the premise as on certain occasions we may need to use the area outside the classrooms in the premise for classes or activities.

Are parents required to stay at the premise during classes?

Parents often ask if they need to stay at the premise during class time. In general, parents are encouraged to occupy themselves during lesson rather than stay and wait for their child. If parents have any reason to want to stay and wait for their child, please make this known to the trainer. Parents must however pick up their child punctually – S.A.M staff ONLY oversee students whilst they are in their class.


Communication with trainers

Parents may, if necessary, briefly communicate with trainer before or after a class. It is important that parents understand that trainders and students must not be interrupted whilst a class is being conducted.

Parents may request a meeting with a trainer. Please contact us if you wish to arrange this.


General conduct

In order to maintain a good culture in our program it is important that parents behave maturely and treat S.A.M members and staff respectfully.

Aggressive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.